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Indulge in experiences that you can treasure for a life time. Choose to unwind by reading your favorite book, stroll into the nearby village, meditate, play indoor board games or just laze and gaze endlessly over the mystical views.

For the fit and active: Cycle rides, Village walks, Farming, Mountain trek, Off-road 4x4 JEEP drives, Wildlife & bush walks, Bird watching, Kite flying, Cocktail sundowners, Mudumalai wildlife safari, Day visits to Ooty, Kotagiri & Coonoor, Off-beat trip to Glenmorgan and trek to the ancient Toda village.

Bush Walks

Activity 1

As wild as it gets for those with courage and curiosity! Weave your way through the trails left behind by the visiting wildlife [ more ]


Room 3

If romance is in the air, our sundowner experience is what will delight your loved one. Bask in the sunset with light eats, cheese [ more ]

Farm Visit

Room 2

The earth plays an important role in balancing our energy. Yogis advise us to walk around bare-footed for a couple of hours daily [ more ]

Mountain Trek

Room 2

You don’t have to be a mountaineer to put a flag on this one! Bind up your trekking boots and tread your way up the lovely mountain [ more ]

Jeep Drives

Room 3

If driving is your passion, steer a 1963 open jeep through the rugged terrain (for driving licence holders only!)

Village Affairs

Room 2

Chat your way into the company of local village folk. Experience their traditional ways and beliefs, hear their stories, visit their [ more ]

Toda Village tour

Room 1

Meet the Todas, an ancient people living in the Nilgiris. According to anthropologists, they are an offshoot of the `Lost Tribe' [ more ]

Wildlife sightings

Room 3

Who says you cannot be a couch potato without TV? Lie on the deck and laze around, opening your eyes only when you hear deer calls [ more ]

Kite Flying

Room 1

On a nice, sunny day, if the wind is friendly, you could indulge in kite flying, the Indian way.

(Activities are based on availability and weather condition)